Netgear Router Setup & Login 

Setting up the Netgear router is not a very big deal. The user can easily perform the Netgear router by using the below information. 

Steps to perform Netgear router setup and login

It includes the following steps to complete the setup & login procedure:-

Turn off the modem or DSL.

Secondly, use an Ethernet cable, attach the yellow LAN port of your modem to the labelled yellow LAN port of Netgear router.

Turn on your modem and wait for LED light to turn to solid green.

Now, use any of the wireless devices. Try to open the Wi-Fi connection manager and check for the default Wi-Fi network name of your available Netgear router.

After that, one may need to connect to the Netgear router’s Wi-Fi network.

Now, proceed to access the Netgear page. Here are the following steps to log in to your Netgear router.Take the help of any web browser. Go to the search bar and

mention or in the address field.  Hit the Enter key or you can click on the search option.

Thus, the Netgear router login dashboard appears. Enter the default username and default password of Netgear router in the corresponding fields. The user has to enter “admin” in the username and password in the password field.

After entering the correct details, click on the Login button to proceed to the next step.

However, follow the on-screen instructions to finish the process. not working

Well, there is no doubt that there can be more than one reasons behind the not working issue. The intermittent issue is also one of the cause due to which stops working. So, with the help of internet setup wizard, one can easily fix the  problem. This procedure will take around 10-15 minutes in order to complete successfully. 

Steps to resolve not working issue

It includes:-

  1. Access an internet browser on your Wi-Fi enabled device. Use only that device which is connected to your Netgear router network.
  2. Type web address in the browser’s address bar. However, a login box displays over the window screen.
  3. Provide the login values in the username and password section.
  4. Fill “admin” as username and “password” for the password field. Make sure, these values can be written in case-sensitive. Moreover, provide the new password, only if you have changed it earlier. 
  5. Thus, the page gets open. Click on the advanced option and after that, tap on the setup wizard option. 
  6. Then, the setup wizard opens.
  7. Click on the Yes button. Thereafter, hit the Enter button and proceed to the next step.
  8. Fortunately, the internet setup will start searching for internet connection protocols.
  9. Once the setup process gets completed, then automatically message will appear on the window screen in order to confirm the information, such as network name and network key. User Name & Password

In order to access the Netgear page, it is necessary to enter the username and password. Generally, it can be noticed that many of the users use default login credentials to configure their router or you can say to access the page. On the other hand, it is recommended by the professionals to change the default username and default password to protect the Wi-Fi connection.  So, to change the default credentials i.e. username and password, we have defined some steps. 

But before that, ensure you have all the information related to your ISP (internet service provider), for instance, ISP login name and password, ISP configuration information. Let’s suppose, if you don’t have ISP information, then you can directly contact your ISP to provide the specific information. configure setup

To configure the setting of your Netgear router, one may need to login by using the is a default web address in order to configure the setting as well as to log in to your router. 

Following are the important points which may help to access the web interface of Netgear router:-

  1. Launch any of the desired web browsers over your smart device, such as a personal computer or laptop. Some of the examples of intended browser are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge and Safari.
  1. Go to the URL bar and type default web address. 
  1. Hit the enter button and the user will reach to the page. 
  1. Here the users are prompted to fill the correct login credentials in the corresponding field and hit the Login button to finish the process.

Once the user logged in to your Netgear router, then he/she can easily configure the setting of Netgear router in a hassle-free manner. Apart from this, one can change the setting of the Netgear router as per the preferences.